Beautiful is Being Yourself

We all want the same thing…right? We want to look our best. When we look our best we feel our best! And when we feel our best we’re happy! Happy people have it all going on! Happy people are more loving, kind and productive.

Our “Happiness Quotient” affects so much about us and those around us. It affects our self-esteem and self-confidence and spills over to how we treat others. Looking and feeling our best play into this equation.

I had a client who told me that when her face was broken out she would cancel her plans. Her social calendar could be blown up with charitable balls and fund raisers, wine dinners and fun runs, and the “hot date” with her darling husband. Then KaBoom! An unfortunate skin crisis would bring all plans to a halt. Her precious, fantastic life would be put on hold!

Another client calls me at 6:00 a.m. Not that early for some, for me, I’m pouring my second cup of coffee and well into my quiet time. We meet in my studio to get ready for the Major event! She will be presenting to “the board”!

Another client, you want to hear it? She decided to squeeze “IT” herself. She calls and asks “what can you do? I’ve got a video conference tomorrow morning!”

Another client is married to a younger man. No pressure for me but to her, the pressure is on! I told her definitely no pressure because she is so SO cute! She asks: “Will you anyway?”

Our faces are the satellite to the world. And our skin reflects so much about “us”. I learned early on that beautiful skin is a reflection of “you turned inside out”.

Beautiful skin is all about health. Healthy body, mind and soul are all inter-related and reflected in the healthfulness of our skin! No wonder we want to look our best and to feel our best; it’s all tied together as a micro-ecosystem that needs a little TLC. Body, mind and soul… reflected in the satellite to the world we face.

We invest hundreds of dollars, sometimes thousands of dollars to look our best. When the results are reflected in the mirror we smile back… knowing that the investment in ourselves was well worth it. Feeling our best empowers us to BE OUR BEST SELF.

That’s why! That’s the big why! Why? Because it’s a big deal! It’s not self-indulgent nor is it selfish or self-centered!

A client came in after a divorce and she never had a facial. Through a stream of tears she said, “I didn’t know I could look so pretty”! Another client says, “I didn’t know a facial could do all this”! These are true stories. Some of the stories I hear break my heart!

Why do I do what I do!? The answer is easy.

It’s because of YOU!

If feeling more beautiful about yourself lands you that contract, new job, that big sale, that hot date, I’m all about it. If feeling beautiful gives you the confidence to ask for the raise or speak up at your next employee meeting, I’m all about that too. If beautiful skin inspires you to do that next “thing” then, I’m all for you!

How would it make you feel if I said, “Beautiful skin begins with you”? What if I said, “You have everything to do with it”?

I’ll tell you how I feel about it. I think you’re absolutely fabulous to be indulging in a bit of self-care! All the stories mentioned above give me reason to admire you. I honor you and it is a privilege to work on you.

Our community is a haven of choices for self-care. It all comes down to one thing: Showing yourself the kindness, the love, the self-care that you deserve to help inspire you to be your most beautiful self!

On the wall at my studio I have a quote, “Beautiful is Being Yourself”. Being true to yourself and loving yourself will help you love others more deeply and live life more joyfully.

Isn’t that what we all want?